Samuel Delesque

Senior UI engineer @CarbonBlack

Full stack developer expert in developing complex web and mobile applications using React + Redux. Strong knowledge of all things Javascript (frontend and backend), moderate experience in Python, Mysql, Bash, Mongo.

Work history

Lokely app

07/2015 - present

Role: Technical co-founder
Technologies: React Native, NodeJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, MongooseJS

Carbon Black

02/2017 - present

Role: Senior UI engineer.
Technologies: React, Redux, Node, Elastic Search


07/2015 - 02/2017

Role: Senior full stack developer.
Technologies: React, SASS, PHP, Python

Domani Studios

01/2014 - 07/2015

Role: Front end developer.
Technologies: jQuery, JS, SASS, PHP
Clients: Nintendo, Starwood, GreyGoose, Harman Kardon, House of Marley, Ahmad Tea.



Role: Full Stack developer.
Technologies: Wordpress, html5 app, BackboneJS, Code Igniter (PHP), MySQL



Role: Founder
Product: Social website for photographers allowing them to build a portfolio.
Technologies: PHP (homemade framework), BackboneJS, jQuery

Pierre Arnaud


Role: eCommerce developer
Product: home built store with private access for clients.
Technologies: PHP (homemade)



Role: Junior developer
Technologies: PHP, JS, C#



SaladUI is a collection of React Components enabling you to build Universal apps.

[View source code]


Strawberry is a dating service built using a Node REST API in the backend, with an Angular app on the frontend

[View source code]

React Simple Charts

A pure React charting library using SVG.

[Read more]

Simple CMS

A Node.js folder based CMS to produce photographer portfolios

[View source code]

Lokely app

Backend built in NodeJS with Express, app built in React Native.

[Read more]


Social network for photographers that I founded in 2012 and shut down in 2015

[View source code]

I am not currently looking for employment, but I am available for small freelance projects.